8 Free Multiplayer Horror Games

For some people, there’s nothing more enjoyable than entering a nightmare-inducing virtual environment. The horror genre is a great fit for multiplayer, whether the theme is zombies, ghosts, or maybe a journey through a forest overrun with monsters. It may be an exhilarating and terrifying experience to fight alongside friends and take on scary challenges; it’s not for the weak of heart.

There are, nevertheless, a number of multiplayer horror games, most of which are expensive. It’s difficult to decide which games to skip and where to invest money in this congested area. Thankfully, there are a number of dramatic and terrifying multiplayer games that can be played for free. While some of these games deliver jump scares, others have devious riddles or situations where it’s hard to tell who to trust.

8 SCP: Secret Laboratory


The setting of This first-person shooter experience is a scientific centre where things have taken a terrible turn. You can take on the roles of a creature attempting to break out of the laboratories, a member of the security forces attempting to shut things down, a chaotic insurgent fighting the security forces, or Class-D employees who are humanoid experiments attempting to escape.

In SCP: Secret Laboratory, players seek the sterile and gloomy laboratory for a way out or each other while wielding a variety of lethal firearms and melee weapons. With ambient and occasionally reddish-colored sections for dramatic effect, the creepy lighting design effectively creates the right atmosphere.

7 Dead Frontier 2

Dead Frontier 2 , which takes design cues from the Resident Evil series’ over-the-shoulder third-person games, features player versus player action in addition to player versus environment gameplay. Gathering and preserving resources is emphasised, and you can trade them with other people (if you can trust them).

Cooperative play with a companion can assist counterbalance strong foes in the tight, ever-changing urban environments. Players can also design their own custom characters with special skills that change the way the game is played thanks to another feature.

6 No More Room In Hell

Up to eight people can participate in the cooperative zombie shooter No More Room In Hell, which is built on the highly mod-friendly Source engine , and take on the infected horde. The first-person viewpoint heightens the anxiety because the undead could appear from any angle. With more than thirty weapons at their disposal—including a chainsaw—players can choose how to approach fights and how much resource to save.

There is a lot of replay value in the objectives that are dispersed throughout the levels and are different for each session. Players must cooperate closely and stay near together when using proximity chat and voice since there is limited possibility of success once they are apart.

5 Stay Out

Stay Out is a free-to-play, eerie third-person exploration game that is still in early access. Players compete with other players and monsters in this massively multiplayer shooter role-playing game as they attempt to survive in the strange environment. The keys to success are survival, self-defense, teamwork, and an eye for lucrative stuff.

Run-and-gun tactics aren’t relevant in Stay Out because, in contrast to other first-person shooter games, players must manage their endurance. Explore urban areas, wide-open spaces, and other unexpected sites.

4 Secret World Legends

If sinister supernatural forces were vying to rule the modern world, how might it appear? Take part in a thrilling campaign with friends that revolves on a compelling plot and features people with special skills facing off against alien opponents.

Third-person adventure game Secret World Legends has excellent special effects, spooky monster designs, and sophisticated narrative devices. Fans of supernatural horror will find a tonne of pleasure in its more than 100 hours of content and complete voice acting. There is enough of meat for players to gorge on in this game, especially if they appreciate stories, tales, and intricate backstory.

3 Codename Cure

Join forces with four other players, each of whom has a distinct class, and check out Codename Cure’s survivor mode or infected zombie zones. Pick from a variety of character classes, including Support, Technician, and Assault. Every class has a unique set of tools and capabilities, such as the sentry gun used by technicians.

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There are two game types, both with intense gameplay. In order to complete the objective mode, players must place, detonate, and then remove explosives from specific locations. Players must battling waves of zombies in survival mode in order to survive as long as possible.

2 Escape From School

This first-person horror game is more of an intellectual experience than an escape room. In Escape From School, players must explore and find hidden elements and riddles after awakening in an empty classroom.

Up to four people can participate in cooperative play, and pooling their collective intelligence might be the secret to solving all the puzzles. This game maintains an atmosphere that is gloomy, melancholic, and unnerving while offering a variety of aesthetics thanks to its distinctive 3D polygonal character art style and more realistic surroundings.

1 Unfortunate Spacemen

This first-person shooter blends visceral and terrifying graphics with aspects of titles such as Among Us. There are three game modes available: Story, Survival, and Shapeshifter. Shapeshifter allows for up to sixteen players. Depending on the character you select, your tasks will either involve escaping by fulfilling missions or dressing up, setting traps, and aggressively chasing other players.

Unfortunate Spacemen’s maze-like stages and creature design provide for suspenseful and shocking rounds as spacemen and mimics compete for supremacy. This title will definitely satisfy the cravings of those who desire a more realistic Among Us with the addition of firearms.

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