9 Best Minecraft Village Seeds For PC

There are a ton of locations for you to explore in the gorgeous and expansive open-world game, Minecraft. We’ve put together a collection of Minecraft maps that you simply must check out. You’ll be able to access several captivating locations in the game by using these village seeds.

The fact that there are so many entertaining locations to visit where you can learn fascinating details about the game and view some of the greatest seeds for Minecraft is what makes it such a fun game. The greatest Minecraft village seeds let you discover the most interesting maps to explore. Locations in the game are a terrific way for you to plunder resources and riches.

It can be thrilling to find a village at the beginning of a game because something like that can help you survive. These are a few of the greatest Minecraft seeds available for Java Edition and Bedrock Edition, which breathe new life and benefits into a game.

What are Minecraft best seeds ?

The greatest seeds for Minecraft are specific encrypted codes that, when decrypted, create the kind of open-world map you desire. These seeds grow in a broad range of environments, including dungeons and landscapes.

The greatest seeds for Minecraft will create a world where you can explore the map and leave the legacy you want after they are applied.

List of Minecraft best seeds

This is a list of the greatest village seeds for Minecraft that we believe are the best available:

1)Seed 29213903446127296 – Jungle Temple Seed

It’s quite an accomplishment to spawn next to a jungle town because these densely populated biomes make it difficult to fit a building in between all the enormous trees, vines, and deep underbrush covering the forest floor. Finding a jungle village is a rather uncommon event. There’s a forest temple nearby. To get the loot, avoid the traps.

2)Seed 1607164619 – Stronghold Ravine Seed

Stronghold Ravine seeds are supposed to be the hardest to locate because they need a lot of time and travel. It can be a laborious endeavour to farm Endermen for their pearl on top of everything else.

You will spawn close to a huge ravine with twisting stone and brick halls of a stronghold at its conclusion when you use this seed. After gathering five more ender eyes, the end portal will have four in it, and you will be prepared to face and defeat the dragon.

3)Seed 5635066243567224933 – Skeleton Spawner Seed

For those who are new to Minecraft, this is the ideal seed to use when starting a new game.

In addition to providing you with resources like iron, diamonds, and skeleton spawners, this seed will place well-stocked plains towns close to your spawn.

4)Seed 387579004540251912 – Ruined Portal Mansion Seed

Here’s another one from the top seeds in Minecraft. This one is distinct since numerous villages are grouped together near to the mansion. The wrecked portal sits close to the mansion’s walls, where you can see how the stone and wood are drawn into the portal and left with a huge hole in the structure. This Minecraft seed offers some amazing scenery in addition to being ideal for early loot in towns.

5)Seed 679532036 – Underwater Library Seed

You will spawn in a coastal village when you use this Minecraft seed. There are several big stone buildings down there if you plunge into the water. This seed contains a stronghold library if you look hard enough.

The Bedrock Edition of Minecraft has been the sole platform used to test this seed. It might become available solely to users of the Bedrock edition.

6)Seed 10868737540544383 – Desert Temple Seed

Not only is this seed mysterious to those who adore desert landscapes, but it also tends to be useful for looting.

One can discover a small, fortified hamlet in the Minecraft seed. At the onset of the game, this seed offers a unique collection of resources. The game is more interesting and entertaining with such a seed.

A seed worth trying is the Desert Temple. This is a temple that isn’t even partially covered with sand. In this game, you don’t often do things like this.

7)Seed 1928170724601497379 – Mesa Mansion Seed

If you can locate a woods mansion in this seed, you are going to be quite fortunate. It frequently requires you to put in a great deal of hard work to locate the woods mansion. If you wish to have a mansion at spawn, you must use seeds like Mesa Mansion. Given that it spawns just adjacent to a mesa biome, the Mesa Mansion seed appears to be unique.

Most of you may not find this seed to be beneficial. Observing this seed is entertaining and unique in its own right.

8) Seed 3831863122777983 – Tundra Village Seed

Village Seed in the Tundra
The most popular village seed among Minecraft players appears to be tundra settlements. Both the people’ attire and the building’s architecture are captivating. It appears to be a thrilling chance to spawn close to a tundra settlement situated on a frozen river.

9) Seed 79426653586647102 – Neighboring Island Village Seed

This Minecraft seed will spawn you in an area surrounded by numerous small islands with villages. In addition, there’s a stunning building by a nearby submerged, abandoned doorway.
There are just two buildings in this seed, but they hide a very interesting story. This is unquestionably a wonderful seed if you enjoy stories and wish to play remotely.


With the aid of our suggested seeds, you may explore and enjoy discovering new villages in Minecraft. In the game, you can find many villages with ridiculous residents and their silly customs to make you feel better. I hope our options were to your liking. Enjoy your gaming!

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