Best 15 Racing Games of All Time PS4 Xbox PC and Nintendo

There are now a tonne of PlayStation 4 racing games available, and in the upcoming years, there will probably be a tonne more. We highlighted a few of our personal favourite racing and driving games on the app store. Even though we believe these racing games are the greatest on the PS4, we’re curious about the games you prefer to play!

Best 15 Racing Games of All Time PS4 Xbox PC and Nintendo

In this article you can find out the best working PlayStation 4 Racing Games list are below

15. Trackmania Turbo


PC Xbox PlayStation

Similar to earlier Trackmania games, Trackmania: Turbo boasts extravagant arcade racetracks with fast speeds and an emphasis on stunts. Despite the fact that the video game had over 200 tracks spread across four distinct locales, a track editor was added to let players make their own original songs that they could then share online with other gamers.

14. SnowRunner

PC Xbox PlayStation Nintendo

While SnowRunner isn’t really a racing game, it is a vehicle-based game that you should give a try. The main focus of this game is off-road driving. You’re carrying out a number of duties, like loading and unloading freight. Additionally, there are stranded cars that may require winching out. All in all, this is a really soothing game. It would be simple to put on your favourite podcast or music and get to work operating the heavy-duty trucks. Naturally, you’ll want to confirm that the car you get into is equipped to handle the work at hand.

13. Gran Turismo Sport


The thirteenth entry in the Gran Turismo video game series will be Gran Turismo Sport. The video game, according to series creator Kazunori Yamauchi, is the first release in the new Gran Turismo gaming era. There are three primary game modes available to players: campaign, sports, and arcade. Gran Turismo Sport allows players to race both online and offline, much like in the previous games in the series, despite the fact that it doesn’t include dynamic weather or a day-night cycle. Using the PlayStation VR headset was one of the main features of Gran Turismo Sport that attracted notice. The development team then informed fans that VR functionality would be restricted to a unique VR Tour mode, despite the game’s initial announcement that it would be completely compatible with the VR headset.

12. Dirt Rally 2.0

PC | Xbox PlayStation

There are two sub-genres in the racing game genre. Initially, there are your easily attainable arcade-style games. Nonetheless, a more realistic approach is provided by more simulation title racers. Among the latter is Dirt Rally 2.0, which offers players a realistic racing game with a strong simulation component. For fans of rally racing in general, this game provides a large selection of rally cars, stages, and modes. Furthermore, you will have the capacity to modify your vehicle, oversee your team, and compete mostly against other racers. This game demonstrates that Codemasters, a developer team with a long history of producing excellent racing games, is still going strong.

11. Assetto Corsa

PC Xbox PlayStation

Kunos Simulazioni is the developer of Assetto Corsa. The goal of the racing simulation video game is to keep the gameplay as realistic as possible. Gamers can choose from a wide variety of race tracks and a superb selection of race automobiles as they race. Since this is yet another racing simulation game, you can anticipate intricate mechanics, including how a car handles and even how well its tyres grip the track. In addition, the video game received multiple free content upgrades after its release, which contributed to the addition of new tracks and vehicles. A racing game with a more simulation-based gameplay style is Assetto Corsa, which is well worth a look.

10. Sprint Vector

PC PlayStation

If you like competitive racing games in arcades, Sprint Vector might be the next game you should definitely check out. This is a video game similar to racing, however instead of cars, you play as skates. Skating across courses, players will have to contend with many AI opponents or other players from across the globe. It goes without saying that the mode you choose will dictate who you race against. Sprint Vector is a virtual reality game, so the immersion will take you to challenging tracks. Fortunately, if you’re lagging behind, you may utilise a power-up to neutralise your opponents, much like in the Mario Kart series.

9. GRID Legends

PC Xbox PlayStation

In racing games, you have to choose the type of racing you want to play, the cars you want to use, and so on. But things are a little different with GRID Legends. Because even though there are lots of cars available for you to utilise in the races, you get to choose the kinds of events you participate in!

It’s true that you and other players will engage in combat at events that you design. You may turn them into races against time, or you can go crazy and make sure there are tonnes of collisions!

Everything is up to you.

8. Project Cars 2

PC Xbox PlayStation

2017 saw the release of Project Cars 2, a game developed by Slightly Mad Studios. With more than 70 drivable automobiles, thirty distinct locales, and more than a hundred courses, Project automobiles 2 immediately became a rival to other well-established realistic racing video games. Even though this is a good improvement over the series’ initial game, we still gave Project Cars a higher ranking.

7. Need For Speed

The 2015 version of Need for Speed was hailed as a rebirth of the series, and fans anticipated it to be the Never-Ending Need for Speed: Underground 3. There are several great points and low points in this game. Some of the greatest racing games of this age may be found in the landscapes, visuals, and cosmetic enhancements. Large and varied, maps provide a smooth transition from motorways to mountains, and as you travel across them, you’ll always find new places to explore. Although there are some questionable mechanics for driving cars in the game, cops never really seem to be a concern. Although there is room for improvement in the automobile list, overall this is a decent game with lots of customisation choices for your favourite vehicles.

6. Dirt 4

PC Xbox PlayStation

The sixth game in the Dirt series is a fast-paced, action-packed game. Players can expect tarmac and off-road races, a range of weather conditions, and rally stages spanning from Fitzroy in Australia, Tarragona in Spain, Michigan in the United States, Varmland in Sweden, and Powys in Wales. The game is primarily focused on rallying.

5. Wipeout Omega Collection


Wipeout HD and Wipeout 2048 are included in the remastered version of Wipeout: Omega Collection. Similar to the F-Zero racing series, players of this future racing game will navigate a number of tracks in hovering jet-like vehicles. Depending on whether players choose to play the games on the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro, both titles will run at 60 frames per second in 1080p or 4K.

4. Rocket League

PC Xbox PlayStation Nintendo

Rocket League can be described with not much. When the game was first released back in 2015, it gained enormous popularity very soon, and it continues to do so now. In essence, Rocket League resembles a football game, except instead of using goal posts to catch the ball, players use swift vehicles that may shoot into the air to stop or knock it into them.

3. Dirt Rally

PC | Xbox PlayStation

Developer Codemasters’ totally redesigned Rally series entry is called Dirt Rally. In essence, the 1998-released Colin McRae Rally series evolved into Dirt Rally. Players compete in a variety of off-road terrain races on global circuits in the game. Similarly, different weather conditions at different tracks may change how the car feels to drive in general. There are more than thirty stages and seventy distinct automobiles to select from.

2. F1 2022

Xbox PlayStation PC

If you’re an F1 lover, you’ll cherish every race and appreciate the amazing speeds that the cars can reach.

You may now take in the latest season of Formula One 2022 and participate in the races in a manner that suits you. Take part in every race of the season and visit every venue where the original races were held.

You should challenge friends or other online racers to push yourself further and improve your car with each race so that it’s better for the next one. In Formula One 2022, every race counts, so don’t pass up the opportunity to win!

1 Gran Turismo 7


The newest GT title can be best described in one word: refined. With this much awaited release, the actual racing simulator has elevated things even further while maintaining the thrilling challenges that players have come to love. The sound design is the star of the show; at the conclusion of each race, the delicate tink-tink of an engine cooling down barely counteracts the bass of the road. There’s no excuse not to get this game if you enjoy automobiles in general.

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