The 15 Best Games for Amazon Fire Tablets

Amazon excels in terms of value. One example would be the £50 (or US$50) Fire tablet. fifty pounds! Better possibilities from the retailer that branched out into gadget manufacturing don’t come with a huge price increase either.

While it may not offer the same high-end experience as an iPad, it is still a reasonably priced tablet with Alexa built in and the ability to run most apps, video, and games.

And what a wonderful assortment of games that is. With thousands of alternatives to peruse, Amazon’s Appstore is almost as well-stocked as Google’s Play Store.

Are you trying to find some amazing games for your Fire tablet? These are our top 15games of the year selections.

15 Blek (£1.99)

One of the most inventive puzzle games we’ve ever played is called Blek, and a big part of what makes it so endearing and entertaining is that it was designed primarily for touchscreens. With your finger, create a small, squiggly line, and then watch as it comes to life, moving in the same direction and at the same pace as your initial sketch. The aim? Assist that moving doodle in eliminating every colored dot while avoiding the black ones.

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14. Kingdom Rush (Free)

Touch devices are overflowing with tower defense games, but Kingdom Rush manages to stand out despite the fierce competition. Throughout, it is flawless, with an emphasis on making a challenge out of simplicity. Rather than providing you with an abundance of battle options, you must maximize the potential of four different types of towers. Kingdom Rush is a compelling strategy game, and the follow-ups are equally impressive.

13. Reigns (£2.41)

As a freshly crowned king, you must make quick judgments to keep your kingdom pleased and maintain your composure for as long as possible. While ruling isn’t easy, Reigns at least makes the process simpler. You can swipe left or right to choose from each option, which appears as a Tinder-style selection. The outcomes are quick and frequently humorous. To keep this creative experience engaging and novel, new storylines and alternatives become available over time.

12 Ridiculous Fishing (£1.99)

Casting a reel into the ocean below is the essence of ridiculous fishing, and it’s a pretty ridiculous activity. You lower a line as far as you can in this arcade-style game, gather as many fish and other sea life as you can on the way back up, and then happily blast them all in the air with various weaponry. Yes, there is a satisfying conclusion, but it’s still incredibly ridiculous and entertaining enough to keep you watching until the very end.

11 Framed (£0.64)

Undoubtedly, Framed is a unique concept, but that’s not a bad thing—in fact, it makes this brief but amazing journey even more memorable. It’s your responsibility to prolong the eerie escape of the wanted criminal by moving the comic panels around the screen. This puzzler is unlike any other; it requires some trial and error to figure out the correct sequence of events, but the experimenting is enjoyable.

10 Minecraft: Pocket Edition (£4.99)

Thankfully, the greatest game ever is still available on Amazon tablets, where it is currently the biggest title available. The open-ended block-building experience that has enthralled millions of people is still available in the Pocket Edition, which is updated frequently with new features and content despite having fewer features than the more expensive PC version. Whether it’s for creation, survival, or multiplayer online gaming, Minecraft never fails to captivate.

9 Asphalt 8: Airborne (£free)

The fastest thing on the planet, Asphalt 8 is an exuberant racer in the vein of an arcade that will have you flying through the air, leaping over enormous gaps, and slamming headfirst into the opposition. Not only is it quick and furious, but it’s also smooth and jam-packed with content, including dozens of licensed cars to unlock, several races, and events. There are no limits on how much you may play, and the best part is that it’s completely free.

8 Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (£free)

Surprise! Hearthstone, a free-to-play card game that is based on the same fantasy universe as World of Warcraft, has significantly gained popularity compared to its spinoff titles. Millions of ardent fans like this card-battler, which offers clever and strategic online duels that demand meticulous deck building. Spending money can’t hurt, but it’s still pleasant even if you don’t pay anything.

7 The Room (£0.79)

The Room takes a distinct approach from many other mobile puzzle games by focusing on creating a spooky and melancholy environment in which you must solve a variety of real, three-dimensional problems. It’s also a great match for a touch tablet because you can actually feel the tactile feel of each puzzle box as you move around and play around looking for hidden switches and possibilities. In addition, there are two fantastic sequels if you enjoy this first installment.

6 The Walking Dead (£free)

The Walking Dead video game from Telltale tells its own story about the zombie insurrection and is maybe the best installment in the franchise to date. It’s not the popular TV series or the original comics. You’ll traverse dangerous situations and make difficult choices over the course of multiple couple-hour episodes; the fallout from these choices will be your responsibility as the plot develops and finally descends into gloomy sorrow.

5 Hitman Go (£1.49)

Hitman Go is one of the many brilliant mobile games that Square Enix’s Go series has skillfully condensed from some of the publisher’s best titles. It adapts the popular assassination game into a type of turn-based board game in which you must navigate a predetermined grid to choose the best route to an undetected death. In addition to being a pretty good adaption, it also has a sleek appearance.

4 Rayman Fiesta Run (£1.99)

Rayman Fiesta Run skillfully completes a difficult task: porting a sophisticated console gaming experience to a mobile device. Rather of giving you complete control over the cartoon protagonist, Fiesta Run sends him racing forward. Your task is to time your taps and swipes to punch, jump, float, and perform other actions. When the true challenge starts, Fiesta Run plays incredibly well, looks amazing, and is completely captivating.

3 Pac-Man 256 (£free)

Recall how we praised Crossy Road so fervently earlier? Originating from the same studio, Pac-Man 256 follows a similar path, transforming a timeless concept into an endlessly captivating game. As Pac moves through mazes, gathers power-ups, and chomps (or dodges) on approaching ghosts, you’ll be guiding him up the screen. The wave of broken code that tries to engulf you from below must also be avoided.

 2 The Banner Saga (£6.99)

In search of strategic tablet gaming? In the shape of a grid-based tactical role-player, The Banner Saga is a breathtaking tale of Viking warriors engaged in combat at the end of the world. That’s not all, though; in addition to fighting your way across the breathtaking countryside, you’ll also need to oversee your traveling caravan and make crucial choices that will affect how the rest of your mission plays out.

1 Flappy Golf (£free)

Although you could play a “proper” round of golf on your tablet, Flappy Golf is just more entertaining. The objective is still to guide the ball into the hole, keeping the core elements of the game intact. However, rather of using a club to do it, you will manipulate the ball by tapping the screen to make its tiny wings flap left or right. It’s like Flappy Bird meets golf, which may sound silly at first, but it’s also quite amusing.

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