The Best Free Nintendo Switch Games

One of the most popular home consoles ever is the Nintendo Switch. As of right now, it’s the best-selling Nintendo home system ever. If you own one, you probably play it frequently and may even require some fresh ideas for games. We’ve compiled a list of the top Nintendo Switch games that are available for free to assist you!

We don’t lie when we tell that these games are completely free to play, albeit you might require a Switch Online subscription. You don’t have to pay to play (or win), however sometimes producers do hope you’ll spend money on cosmetics and other features.

We have made every effort to include a variety of items on this list. There are puzzles, racing games, battle royales, first-person shooters, and more. There’s a strong likelihood that one of these titles will suit your needs.

Regarding Switch Online, keep in mind that a lot of NES, SNES, and Game Boy games are available with your subscription. To play games on the N64, Game Boy Advance, or Sega Genesis, you must add the Expansion Pack to your membership.

1. Asphalt 9: Legends

Since there aren’t many free-to-play racing games for the Switch, Asphalt 9: Legends is a lock to be featured on this list of the greatest Nintendo Switch games without cost. This is the game for you if you enjoy travelling about in different gorgeous settings, cars, and custom customisations.

To be honest, though, Asphalt 9’s free version is somewhat limited. A timer will limit some of your rides without costing you any money. Naturally, the entire range of vehicles, modifications, and settings won’t be visible to you.

If after playing the game you find it enjoyable, follow our recommendation and avoid purchasing individual tokens. Alternatively, purchase the Beginning Racer Pack, which comes with 300 tokens, 200,000 credits, and an abundance of blueprints. These should be more than plenty to carry you through the majority of the game without the need for microtransactions. You don’t have to spend any money, though, if all you want to do is drive a fancy car.

2. Brawlhalla

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is without a doubt among the top Nintendo Switch games. But since that’s a premium product, there’s Brawlhalla, which is a free alternative to Smash.

Similar to its competitor, Brawlhalla offers a wide selection of fighters. However, it’s far more straightforward than Smash, with more limitations on fighting combos and speed. You might enjoy Brawlhalla if you like the Smash concept but find it a little too overwhelming. It’s free to try, so there’s nothing to lose.

The game features microtransactions, however other than aesthetics, there is no advantage to paying money. To put it another way, your chances of winning do not increase with the amount you spend. You can play this game for free without ever having to pay a dime as long as you don’t care about the skins of your characters or anything similar.

3. Fall Guys

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout eventually got the Nintendo Switch port that we all knew it needed, even though it came a little later than expected. It’s interesting to note that both the paid version of the game and the phrase “Ultimate Knockout” were removed. Fall Guys is now completely free to play!

Of course, if you’d want, you may use real money to get an expensive season pass. However, since you can play this game for free and not have to pay any money at all, it has become one of the greatest free Nintendo Switch games. Superfans only will have to pay for things.

Really, the only issue is that Fall Guys  initial surge in popularity has since subsided. Although its arrival on the Switch was exciting, its cultural peak seems to have faded. Still, if you missed it while it was all the rage, it’s a great game that you should definitely check out!

4. Fortnite

Even years after its release, Fortnite continues to be nothing short of a phenomenon, therefore it seemed inevitable that it would make the list. The battle royale genre was created by PUBG, but as far as becoming a pop culture icon goes, Fortnite essentially defines it.

We won’t go into great depth because, if you were interested at all, you’ve probably already played Fortnite on one or more platforms, including Android. To put it briefly, the Switch version isn’t particularly special; rather, it doesn’t perform as well as it would on a PC or PS5.

You will have to pay some money to change your character’s appearance, but you can download and play the game right now for hundreds of hours without any issues.

5. Overwatch 2

Essentially, Overwatch 2 is just Overwatch 1, just bigger and (supposedly) better. It has an advantage over the original in that it is also completely free.

The sequel is a hero shooter, just as Overwatch. However, Overwatch 2 reduces the number of players in matches from 6v6 to 5v5, while having an enormous hero lineup. Given each hero’s distinct playstyle, it can be daunting, but all you really need to do is pick a few favourites and become an expert at them.

The absence of loot boxes is another change. A battle pass system is used in its place to obtain additional characters, cosmetics, and other items. Granted, grinding can unlock some benefits, but it may take a lot of work to achieve your goals. In any case, the gaming is free; the only thing that can require payment is for certain items to be delivered in a timely manner.

Try Apex Legends for a unique take on battle royale if you’re searching for another free hero-style shooter. As usual, there are in-game purchases, but they don’t lessen the enjoyment.

6. Pokémon Quest

Some of the best-selling games on the Switch are the mainline Pokémon titles, including Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Pokémon Sword and Shield, and the original Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Let’s Go, Eevee. Pokémon Quest isn’t as fantastic as those other games in many ways, but it does have the clear benefit of being free.

Pokémon Quest, as one might anticipate, has you looking for and befriending Pokémon. But the game looks different from other Pokémon games thanks to its unique cube-art design, and it feels different because of its narrower scope and microtransactions.

To be honest, playing Pokémon Quest doesn’t cost any money at all. The prospect of purchasing some adorable items to adorn your base camp, meanwhile, could be too alluring given how much of the game revolves around you creating your own version of Tumblecube Island. You may easily play Pokémon Quest for free if you can resist spending any money.

Do you wish your life had more Pokémon? Don’t overlook Pokémon Unite, an additional Nintendo Switch game that is available for free. Your favourite Pokémon are included in this first-ever 5v5 game, where you may compete using brand-new Unite moves and rated matches.

7. Rocket League

If you’re not aware with the Rocket League craze, to put it simply, it’s football, but with superpowered automobiles in place of human players. That is all. That’s how the game works.

Clearly, the game is a huge hit, therefore a basic description is insufficient. However, the game became free to play in September 2020, ranking among the top free Nintendo Switch titles.

As would be predicted, customising the appearance of your car is the main method of game revenue. The good news is that your rankings and trophies from previous Rocket League games can be transferred to your Switch, allowing you to play Rocket League on several devices.

A sizable worldwide championship e-sports competition is also available to players who excel in the game. Wishing you luck!

8. Tetris 99

One of the greatest and most played games ever, Tetris, needs to be updated for a platform like the Switch. What if we made it a battle royale? It was successful because Tetris 99 is unquestionably among the greatest free Nintendo Switch games—if not the best.

Tetris 99 can be played by anyone who can play Tetris, which is really everyone these days. The primary distinction is that there will only be one champion, and you will compete against 98 other players when you play. Along the way, you’ll be undermining other players in the hopes that they won’t do the same to you.

There is a catch: you must have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription in order to play Tetris 99 as intended. Playing it offline versus 98 CPU players is possible, but it will cost you $10 one time. If you already have a Switch Online account, it is merely “free.”

9. Warframe

Warframe is among the most well-liked free-to-play titles available on the Switch. It’s a third-person action role-playing game controlled from the shoulder. The game, which is set in the far future, revolves around an ancient extraterrestrial race that was awakened from suspended animation to find itself at war with different factions.

While story-specific levels in Warframe help to progress the game’s narrative, the majority of the game’s levels are produced randomly. Generally speaking, you just run about shooting enemies, levelling up, equipping new gear, and so forth with your character.

Like many other games on this list, Warframe is entirely free to play and earns revenue through microtransaction improvements. The good news is that if you don’t want to pay any money, you can grind your way to every improvement in the game. Every player has access to every upgrade, which somewhat levels the playing field, albeit those with plenty of cash will advance far more quickly.Es.

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