10 Best NFL Football Games for Android

America’s favorite sport is football, but baseball is still the country’s pastime. Among the most watched sporting events in the nation is the Super Bowl. Fans are to be found everywhere. Sadly, mobile football games fall short of their console equivalents in terms of quality. While there are some excellent ones, the most of the games in this category are aggressively marketed as free-to-play with in-app purchases. Moreover, the majority of them lack a lot of real football action and are arcade or simulation games. Put simply, this is by far the greatest football game you can play on a console. The greatest football games for Android are available here for people who would still like to give it a try.
BIG WIN Football

The Best NFL football games for Android

10 BIG WIN Football

Price: Free to play

A football simulator is a football game. As the general manager, you assemble a formidable squad for the game. Next, players compete with one another for supremacy. Although the competition is primarily conducted online, the main idea is widely shared. You gather players with different capacities and expertise. Better players are added, and the squad gets better. To give you a small advantage during games, there are additional items like boost cards. Like most free-to-play games, it’s entertaining at first, but as time goes on, the grind becomes more enjoyable.

9 CBS Franchise Football

Price: Free to play

The NFL simulator for CBS is called CBS Franchise Football. Thus, it’s essentially a free-to-play money grab. Nevertheless, the programme has certain redeeming features. If you’re patient, the grind isn’t too severe, and it’s generally enjoyable and addictive. It has all of the teams, a tonne of real NFL players, and straightforward, unintimidated mechanics. It’s a fantastic method to pass the time when you have more time than a few hours. After a while, it becomes tiresome, but that could take many hours or several months. It all depends on your preferences.

8 ESPN Fantasy Sports

Price: Free

One of the few games that is excellent on mobile devices is fantasy sports. One of the most widely used fantasy football websites is ESPN Fantasy Sports. You can establish your lineups, trade, chat with other managers, explore free agency, and do a lot more with the app. You may pick your teams, join leagues, and start leagues using it as well. Essentially, that is all the software has to do. It does occasionally have bugs. Therefore, if we were you, we would periodically make sure that your rosters are configured correctly on the website. The software functions fairly well otherwise.

7 Fanatical Football

Price: Free

An unofficial football game with real football mechanics is called Fanatical Football. As fictitious teams, you run plays, score touchdowns, and engage in other similar activities. The graphics are mediocre and the gameplay are a little awkward. There are a few bugs in the game. It is still among the best pure football games available on the Play Store, though. In addition, the game has two play styles, power-ups, player upgrades, and other features. It’s unfortunate that the game is free to play. However, it could be much, much worse.

6 Football Dash

Price: Free to play

The greatest football games on Android is Football Dash.
A great football game in the vein of an arcade game is Football Dash. To score touchdowns, you essentially have to plough through a swarm of opponents. The game has easy-to-use one-handed controls, power-ups, leaderboards for Google Play Games, and other features. Not much, really. But brief play sessions are excellent because of the arcade-style design. It’s ideal for during-game ad breaks. Apart from that, not much happens.

5 Madden NFL 22 Mobile Football

Price: Free to play

The official NFL mobile game is called Madden NFL Football. Since EA is the game’s maker, you may anticipate the same greedy attitude as in other EA sports titles. But other than that, the football game is actually rather good. You essentially create a team and send it out to play against other teams in this be-a-GM mode game. Legends and contemporary players are both present in the game. Along with these features, The Yard allows you to play cross-platform games against pals. Naturally, you may play it for free, but surprisingly, more people now like the mobile Madden series than they did in the past.

4 NFL Rush Gameday

Price: Free

NFL Rush Gameday is a slightly distinct experience. There are six arcade minigames in this kid’s game. Youngsters can play them, make and customise their own avatars, and gain different digital gear from their favourite teams. Every week, the game is updated with actual NFL club statistics. It’s primarily designed for youngsters to play with during games, giving them a more interactive experience. That being said, this is undoubtedly meant for smaller children. As far as we could determine, it’s totally free, so it’s a fantastic option for younger children while the adults watch football. Check out Flick Quarterback as well if you’re searching for some arcade football with somewhat nicer visuals.

3 Ted Ginn: Kick Return Football

Price: Free to play

Ted Ginn: The mobile football game Kick Return Football is shockingly nice. To return kicks for touchdowns is your objective. The player is guided by basic one-handed controls. In addition, there are player improvements, tournaments, and point systems for making field goals. This implies that it’s not merely a pass/fail situation. Though basic, it’s enjoyable. While there are free-to-play components in the game, they aren’t as prevalent as they are in most others. It’s not at all horrible.

2 Touchdown Football

Price: Free to play

The greatest football games on Android are Football Manager.

Touchdown Manager is a passable football simulation. It lacks a formal licence. This implies that every person, team, etc. is made up. You may build teams, develop players using a passable training system, create plans, and win championships in this game. It is strongly advised that you create your own exercise schedules. In this game, auto training isn’t very good. For football enthusiasts, it’s decent enough otherwise. We would have enjoyed watching a similar game including NFL players. We’ll take what we can get in this genre, though.

1 Yahoo Fantasy Football

Price: Free

Screenshot 2022 from Yahoo Fantasy
In the realm of fantasy sports, Yahoo is the largest rival of ESPN. The Yahoo app and the ESPN app perform many of the same functions. This implies that you can execute deals, browse free agency, establish rosters, create and join leagues, hold drafts, and communicate with other managers. We discovered that Yahoo’s app is somewhat more stable than ESPN’s. Even still, we would advise periodically using a computer to review your rosters to ensure correctness. The greatest free fantasy football options are Yahoo and ESPN. FanDuel and Draft Kings are worth checking out for those who don’t mind shelling out a few money. They’re not superior, but they’re distinct.

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