Best 10 Android TV Games

The launch of Android TV was intriguing. The developer community responded to the existence of a more stable platform than Google TV by creating some amazing content for it. After some time, the Android TV app and game selection has only become better, despite the fact that adoption is still a little low. These are the top games on Android TV that are out right now! Please be aware that for all of them, you’ll need a hardware controller—or at the very least, an Android TV remote! Google’s official list of Android TV games is available here if you’d want to view more.

It’s also important to remember that, provided the box is suitable, the majority of games that require controllers can be played on Android TV. Given that some games might be compatible with NVIDIA Shield TVs but not Xiaomi’s Mi Box, that is a very challenging list to put up. All of the games on this list ought to work with the majority of the most recent Android TV boxes. Price of Alphadia Genesis: $9.99

The best Android TV Games

10 Alphadia Genesis

Price: $9.99

Grid Builder A well-known developer in the high-end JRPG market, Kemco, is the creator of Alphadia Genesis. This one tells the story of a knight’s journey across a world where two rival kingdoms exist. It’s a fairly typical JRPG with controls, graphics, and fighting taken from old school JRPGs from the 1990s and 2000s. Gamers who like those games might also like this one. One of the few high-end JRPGs on the list, the storytelling is passable. Since it’s a little older game, it should work with the majority of Android TVs.


Price: Free / $3.99

A few years back, there was a classic platformer called BADLAND. It has various useful functions, easy-to-use controls, and beautiful colours. Among them are a level editor that allows you to create or download custom levels and a local multiplayer mode that works well with Android TV. That contributes to the game’s age-old appeal. It has been excellent for a long time, and advancements made throughout time have just made it better. It’s undoubtedly one of the better ones.

8 Beach Buggy Racing

Price: Free to play

Vector Unit has a racing game called Beach Buggy Racing. This racer is designed like a kart. It has winding, engaging courses, power-ups, and a variety of vehicles and playable characters. It’s a classic in this genre even with its little collection of tracks. Moreover, split-screen multiplayer is included, which is fantastic for Android TV. To keep you entertained, there are also things like daily challenges.

Another racing series available on Android TV is the Riptide GP series, which is also produced by Vector Unit. It’s different and entertaining because it uses jet skis instead of cars.

7 Goat Simulator

Price: Free/ $6.99

Coffee Stain Publishing’s Goat Simulator is a charmingly ridiculous game in its simplicity. The idea is simple: you are a goat, an uncontrollable, physics-defying force of mayhem that has been let loose on the earth. Imagine it like old-school skating games, however instead of doing tricks, you’re destroying property, igniting explosions, and overall wreaking havoc. Its numerous faults and bugs only serve to enhance its allure. Coffee Stain welcomes these peculiarities and chooses to leave them alone unless they become a hindrance to gameplay because there’s too much humorous content elsewhere to change.

6 Crossy Road

Price: Free to play

One of the most played arcade games on mobile devices is called Crossy Road. It’s among the top Android TV games as well. It is essentially Frogger for this generation. You avoid obstacles as you hop across roads, streams, and other locations. If you are hit by a car, fall into the water, or suffer any similar misfortune, you lose. This one offers multiplayer online and locally. For the majority of children, it’s fairly easy, and it’s enjoyable all around. Expect nothing more than an arcade game, as that is all it is.

5 Emulators

Price: Free / Varies

A sizable number of Android TV owners have a sizable emulator library. On Android TV, emulators are comparatively simple to operate, support the necessary controllers, and allow you to play back-in favourites. Many of these do require sideloading, so if you’re interested, we have instructions on how to achieve that here. Many systems have different emulators available, including multi-console emulators such as RetroArch and Lemuroid. If you would like to delve any further, we also have a list of the top Android emulators.

4 Star Wars™: KOTOR

Price: $9.99

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, widely regarded as one of the best role-playing games ever made, tells its epic story four millennia before the Galactic Empire arises. The Republic is severely attacked by the cunning Sith Lord Darth Malak, upending the galaxy’s destiny. The crucial task for players is to put together a varied group of heroes to foil his evil plans. This version, designed just for Android TV, takes users to well-known Star Wars locations like Tatooine and Kashyyyk. It offers the full KOTOR experience with a wide range of over 40 different Force powers, a beautiful UI, full support for HID controllers, and many improvements. A plethora of hours of engrossing gameplay, deep character relationships, and captivating storytelling are in store for players.

3 Horizon Chase

Price: Free / Up to $2.99

One of the better Android TV games is the classic racing game Horizon Chase. In addition to a large number of cars, several tournaments, and other playable material, the games feature about 100 tracks. Though we like the level of refinement on this one, you get classic racing dynamics throughout. Playing it is similar to playing an old-school racing game on the Nintendo 64, but with improved controls and graphics. In addition, two new cards, nine new tracks, and some other collectibles were introduced in the World Tour update. Another good choice, if you don’t mind free-to-play games, is Real Racing 3.

2 Machinarium

Price: $6.99

One of the older Android puzzle games is called Machinarium. A few years back, modifications were made for it to make it compatible with Android TV. A small robot is the focal point of the game. He wants to protect her from the bad guys because he lost his lover. You accomplish this by aiding him in solving puzzles. Although the game isn’t very long, the puzzles are enjoyable, and the overall game design is far better than typical. It’s also a paid game without any advertisements or in-app purchases.

1 Orbia

Price: Free / Up to $15.99

A cute little arcade game is called Orbia. Little puff balls are shot through barriers and towards the targets. You lose when you run into the obstacles. Although the idea is quite simple, it’s done quite nicely. The game has hundreds of levels, vibrant visuals, a variety of characters, and multiplayer functionality. Naturally, it functions flawlessly on Android TV as well. There’s really no need for a hardware controller for this one. This one should be playable with any remote. If you have Google Play Pass, you may also download this one for free.

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