7 Best CRT TVs for Retro Gaming

Although you can play retro games on your modern TV via HDMI converters and other methods, nothing compares to playing Super Mario Bros. 3 on a television that is appropriate for the era. To do that, search for the top CRT TVs suitable for vintage gaming. These TVs are less common than they once were since flatscreen and smart TVs have taken over the market. However, you can discover a variety of CRT TVs for your needs provided you know where to look and, more importantly, know what you’re looking for.

Cathode Ray Tube is, of course, referred to as CRT. Put another way, those large, boxy TVs that the majority of you who are reading this will be all too familiar with. Given the abundance of old CRT TVs available for purchase, these TVs have never fully disappeared. There has been a surge in increased interest in them in recent years. Without a doubt, this is because vintage gaming and VHS collecting have become more and more popular.

Which CRT TV will work best for you? In 2020, how much will a CRT television cost? With our examination of several noteworthy CRT TV options for retro gamers, we’ll explore each of those components.

The Top CRT Televisions for Vintage Video Games

In this article you can find out the best CRT Televisions for Vintage Video Games find out list below.

7. Phillips Discoverer

Cost: $3000 or more

The incredibly uncommon Phillips Discoverer has to be featured in our examination of CRT TVs for retro gaming just for pure coolness. Developed in an intriguing collaboration between Phillips and NASA, this television is by far the rarest one we will discuss. It was released more than 40 years ago. It will be difficult to find one on eBay, not to mention the price you will have to pay to bring one home.

And how does it operate? According to what we’ve been able to learn, rather well. Although we won’t be able to get close to one of these anytime soon, people who have used the set for retro games say the screen looks rather nice for the price. Is its resolution the highest of all the TVs we’re talking about here? No. Even so, does it look amazing when you play the NES, SNES, PS1, Genesis, Atari 2800, or any other console? Without a doubt, the answer is yes.

6. Sony PVM-14M2U

Cost: $500+

For a retro player, the Sony PVM-14M2U can be difficult to acquire due to its high price and general scarcity. It’s also possible that the 14″ screen will be far too small for your purposes. Nonetheless, the PVM-14M2U can be a really good option if you have a tiny area or don’t mind sitting around a foot and a half away from your TV.

Nevertheless, you want to give getting one of these a serious thought if you can find one and don’t mind the large screen size. This is one of the most durable CRT televisions ever made, to put it simply. In the late 1990s, the PVM-14M2U was regarded as a durable beast, so you can probably count on it for many years to come. Games will seem stunning and realistic thanks to resolutions like 240p and 480i.

5. Toshiba AF

Cost: $160 or more

For those who love old-school video games, the Toshiba AF is a reliable CRT TV with a sizable 20″ screen. Even if it’s not the largest CRT TV choice, your games will still be shown in that lovely, vintage 4:3 aspect ratio. Not to mention, 20″ is a significant improvement over a lot of other versions that are still on the market. This is the TV kind that will be the perfect focal point for your retro gaming environment. These are robust TV sets from one of the world’s most dependable and consistent electronics manufacturers. We’re not shocked that many of the top CRT TVs for vintage gaming originate from them.

Although the 480i maximum resolution might not sound all that great, we can assure you that it will be fantastic for retro systems like the Sega Genesis or NES. Fans of the PS1 in particular will value the Toshiba AF’s size and image quality.

4. Quasar VV-1300

Cost: More than $100

The Quasar VV-1300 may be the most economical choice, and its appearance will undoubtedly remind many elderly Elder Millennials that their vitamin is about due. Many of these sturdy CRT TVs are still for sale on eBay. This 13″ set offers an incredibly gratifying retro gaming experience at a price that’s affordable. It might not be as big or visually appealing as the other solutions we’ve discussed, but it’s still a dependable choice with one very clear benefit.

As you can see, it’s one of those awesome TV/VCR combos that a lot of people used to have in their childhood bedrooms. One of the best aspects of the VV-1300 is its VCR section, especially if you plan to start collecting VHS tapes in the future. The 240p/480i resolution choices for classic games like Street Fighter II Turbo and Sonic the Hedgehog are completely unaffected by the VCR.

3. Sony KV-40XBR800

Cost :$700

If you have a plenty of cash and room to spare, the Sony KV-40XBR800 will fulfil all of your desires. One of Sony’s top 40″ CRT TVs is available from that particular manufacturer. All of your favourite classic content will seem precisely the way you want it to with a typical 4:3 viewing.

When this set first came out a few years ago, the 16: 9 enhancement mode was really cool. Not only for fans of old school video games, but also in case you wish to watch other media on the TV (DVDs in particular look great in 16:9 aspect ratio). We believe that this is the largest CRT TV that will be available in the 2020s. Once more, even if it’s not the cheapest option, it might be the greatest option for anyone who wants to see their favourite vintage games on a TV that would have been amazing to see in the 1990s.

2. JVC D-Series

Cost :$3000+

Although JVC, an electronics manufacturer, offers a few distinct models under this specific product line, we believe that any model in the JVC D-Series can be considered among the best CRT TVs for retro gaming. The D-Series is still one of the greatest options for CRT TVs and playing vintage games on retro consoles, despite its spectacular 800 lines of horizontal resolution promise—which seems to vary from set to set.

Throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s, CRT televisions were a regular sight in many households because they were huge (the conventional size is 32″), reasonably priced, and long-lasting. Seeing multiple of them on eBay is not shocking. It’s a top choice because it offers one of the greatest overall playing experiences available. Although it will undoubtedly bring back fond memories, this TV also performs dependably throughout time.

1. Sony Trinitron KV-27FS120

Cost: $350 or more

Sony, who produced CRT TVs with standard definition until into the mid-2000s, achieved yet another victory. The KV-27FS120 will likely be your best bet if you feel that the 40″ or anything in the 30″ range is just too big. This specific model is part of the WEGA line, with the most common option being 27.”

The Sony Trinitron KV-27FS120 has great connectivity, stereo sound, with resolutions of 280p and 480i. It was a popular model in the middle of the 2000s because it provided a nice middle-of-the-road alternative for anyone looking for quality picture and sound at a reasonable price.

Be aware that this TV uses a technique called velocity modulation to make older games appear inferior. By changing your VMOF to 0 in your service menu, you can turn this off while playing games.

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