Best crossword games for Android

Word games like crossword puzzles are very popular. They are a relaxing yet entertaining way to kill time. They also challenge your intellect and teach you new things. Android is home to an enormous selection of crossword puzzle games. The majority of them behave similarly. After completing the puzzles and solving the crossword, you’re done. Some, nonetheless, stand out from the others for a variety of reasons, including intricacy, controls, distinctiveness, and design. Additionally, some provide fresh crossword puzzles on a more regular basis rather than recycling old ones. Let’s examine the  best crossword solvers on Android Additionally, you can succeed by using the greatest crossword Alphacross Crossword Price: No cost

Alphacross Crossword

Price: Free

Although Alphacross Crossword isn’t the strongest crossword puzzle, practically everyone can play it. It features a wide range of crossword puzzles from several publications, including the Wall Street Journal, the LA Times, the New York Times (membership required; available separately), and many more. There are no strange mechanisms or obstructions because the game is essentially just the crossword problem itself. The programme has a somewhat simplistic appearance, but it functions well and has good controls. For the NYT problem, the official New York Times crossword app could be superior, but there are a tonne of other features in this app. For about the same purpose, Shortyz Crosswords (Google Play link) is an additional great option.

Bonza Word Puzzle

Price: Free / Up to $29.99

A distinctive take on the crossword puzzle is found in Bona Word Puzzle. Typically, you are given one clue, and all of the solutions revolve around it. It’s similar to a crossword puzzle and a quiz game. There are a tonne of free puzzles in the game, and you can acquire more by making in-app purchases. If you would like to create your own puzzles, there is also a puzzle maker available. You can share those riddles with the Bonza community. As a result, your possibilities are extremely numerous. Although it plays more like an arcade game than most crossword games, it’s still a respectable choice all around.


Price: Free to play

Another fun combination of crossword and quiz games is CodyCross. This one falls into a specific genre, and the hints all centre around that one idea. As you proceed down the line, you respond to every query that comes up. There are four difficulty settings, cloud syncing, and hundreds of puzzles in this game. To unlock everything, you can subscribe or purchase further packs with tokens. While the free version is a decent way to pass the time, we most definitely do not advise using the subscription option.

Crosswords with Friends

Price: Free to play

Zynga offers a crossword version called Crosswords with Friends. You can play it competitively online with friends, the AI, or strangers. Every day, it releases new puzzles with hints primarily from contemporary popular culture. In addition, the game features puzzle packs, weekly challenges, leaderboards, and an assist system in case you need it. Essentially, you solve one piece of the problem and give it to your opponent so they can solve the other. It has an arcade aspect and an online social component, but it plays and looks more traditionally.

Cryptic Crossword

Price: Free / $3.99

For a list of the top crossword games, see the Cryptic Crossword screenshot.
One of the best premium crossword games available is Cryptic Crossword. It costs nothing extra and doesn’t have any in-app purchases or advertisements. There are 260 problems in the game, along with a pinch-to-zoom grid, an answer checker, and a few more customising options. It seems to be what we would anticipate from a conventional crossword puzzle. You have a crossword puzzle and a long list of clues all to yourself. There are sufficient riddles there to occupy your time for some time. There are also a few other crossword games from the developer.

English Crossword

Price: Free / Up to $8.99

A classic crossword puzzle is English Crossword. The game has multiple themes, more than 400 offline puzzles, and a hint system in case you need it. There’s no denying that the game speaks American English, not British. There are also a lot of U.S.-centric clues. Though not always a bad thing, it’s something to consider. Leaderboards, cloud synchronisation, and achievements are also included. Its costs aren’t too high, and it’s a decent standard crossword game.

ISTG Crossword Puzzle Free

Price: Free

For those on a tight budget, ISTG Crossword Puzzle Free is a passable crossword puzzle game. It has advertising but is completely free with no in-app purchases. There are more than 400 riddles in the game, all of which can be solved offline. It also includes fifty riddles in Portuguese and more than one hundred in Spanish. The majority of the grievances we discovered concerned its word spellings and U.S.-centric clues. There are a few problems with the programme. Not much else can be said about it. It’s free with passable advertisements, decent, and packed with riddles.

New York Times Crossword

Price: Free / $6.95 per month / $39.95 per year

Undoubtedly, one of the priciest crossword puzzles on the list is the New York Times Crossword. It is, nevertheless, also among the most well-known. It offers customers access to almost 20 years’ worth of crossword puzzles in addition to weekly new puzzles. You can also use the small crossword mode without a subscription, and it’s free. Even if you have to pay every month to access them, there are plenty of crossword puzzles here to keep you busy for a very long time. But there’s also a good quantity of information that’s free. Although the software might use some work, the material is good.

Picture Perfect Crossword

Price: Free

Another hybrid crossword game is Picture Perfect Crossword. Instead of using words, it makes use of pictures as hints. It adds a little variety to the game, but it doesn’t really alter the experience. There are hundreds of riddles in the game, Facebook connectivity, a hint system, and frequently updated puzzles. Although it’s probably not going to appeal to the die-hard crossword fans, it’s more than adequate for passing the time.

Redstone Games Crossword Puzzle

Price: Free / Up to $4.99


Another good crossword game is available from Redstone Games. The claims that it’s free, but we won’t tell you that because a lot of the content can be purchased there. It’s a classic crossword puzzle game, rather standard. You fill in the boxes, follow the hints, and cross your fingers. When an answer is incorrect, the game notifies you and provides hints if necessary. It can be played offline as well, and it regularly receives updates with a respectable quantity of new content. Not all of that newly created stuff is freely accessible. This will satisfy a lot of crossword enthusiasts.

Bonus: Physical crossword puzzle books

Price: Varies

There are a tonne of fantastic, hard copy crossword puzzle books available, and crossword games are fairly old. The Simon & Schuster collection is one of the most well-liked choices; it can be found on Amazon. Old editions of The New York Times Crossword are also available for purchase. Those are only the two most well-known examples; there are literally thousands more. Naturally, these are not really readable on e-readers, so we wouldn’t suggest something like Google Play Books. But any app or website that functions similarly to Amazon and sells books will solutions for rd as well.

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