Best Instagram Story Saver Apps For Android

Videos and stories on Instagram cannot be downloaded. Every now and then, we come across some amazing and visually stunning Instagram videos and stories that we would like to keep in our feed. Instagram videos, stories, and photos may be downloaded via a range of third-party apps. Simply copy and paste the URL of the story or post you want to save into the Instagram story and video saver apps to utilise these Instagram downloaders. Below is a list of the top Android apps for saving stories on Instagram.

Android’s Top Instagram Story Saver App

The top Android applications for saving Instagram stories are listed below.

1. Fast Save

The most popular solution for downloading Instagram content is called Fast Save. It’s among the greatest Android apps for saving stories on Instagram.

If you want to keep your photos private and don’t want everyone to know about your little hobby, you can create a hidden folder in FastSave. Not even when looking through your gallery will anyone see it.
With over 10 million downloads, customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive.
The app’s user interface is comparable to Instagram’s.
You may view and store photos, videos, and friend stories in your smartphone’s memory using FastSave.
It’s an assortment of images and stories from people on your subscription list that you may view right now. Allocating and choosing the files you want to save is your responsibility.
FastSave has the ability to create a full presentation and a Dashboard for organising all downloaded files.

2. Story Saver

Using the Story Saver app, you can store Instagram photos and videos on your phone.

You don’t need to log into your account or do any other action in order to use the app straight immediately.
Give a link to the program’s resources to begin the download, and the original file will be downloaded after that.
It makes no difference if the content is presented as a special effects-enhanced photo or as a unique video shot.
Content can be added to user profiles that are open.
It is also allowed to capture events that are not going to be accessible on all social media platforms in the future.
That is, the album can be updated with the user’s recollections if they upload this story or that one on time.
In addition to stories, this app allows you to download periodicals.
You can submit them as movies, GIF animations, or images by adding links to them.

3. Story Saver for Instagram

Story Saver on the Instagram app is used to save content from Instagram and IGTV. It’s among the greatest Android apps for saving stories on Instagram.

The app allows you to save photos, videos, and narratives from the social media network to your mobile device.
If required, you can supply the download path explicitly.
When you download images from the carousel, all of the photos that were used to create the article are automatically saved.
With the tool, you may read and copy posts, tags, images, articles, and videos.
It is possible to find both the posting date and the total number of likes.
You can repost entries on your page or share them directly.
You can send images and movies via email and messengers.
You can perform a page and tag search.
By default, the query history is kept, however it is easy to remove if necessary.
You may save any Instagram content, including IGTV videos, with this app.

4. Instore

Another app that lets you download Instagram content is called Instore.

You may now save interesting articles, movies, images, live broadcasts, and stories to your smartphone so you can view them whenever you want, even when you don’t have internet connection.
The data will not disappear 24 hours after it is released.
Instagram is the best platform for reposting and downloading content.
Not only does the programme retain the actual images and videos, but it also saves text, Instagram tags, and much more.
It should be noted that you can use the official service provided by the developers and are not required to log in through a third-party programme.

5. Regrann

You can download images and videos from Instagram using the Regrann app.

You are able to make pending postings and caption photos.
With the app, you may download any Instagram post.
Upon download, the covers are automatically stored with the clips.
You can view the downloaded files in the gallery.
You can republish other people’s work in its original quality using the app.
The application has options for quick reposts and saves.
It is possible to enable a pop-up selection window with the available features.
By default, publications are stored without a watermark; but, if necessary, you can easily add one in the settings.
You can type your material to make your signature.

6. iSave

Instagram photos and videos may be transferred to your smartphone with the iSave app.

You can use it to download movies and photos—whether they belong to you or someone else—to your mobile device.
A video tutorial explaining how to extract content from the social network is included with the application.
You can download publications in their original quality with the software.
It has an integrated gallery with the downloaded items displayed. You can view images and videos separately.
Every file is stored in the internal memory of the phone and is available via a different tab.
You can watch them without ever leaving this programme.
You can view saved videos and photos as thumbnails or fill the screen with the entire image.

7. 4kdownload

If you want to save and download Instagram stories from multiple apps, 4kdownloader, the first programme on our list, is great for you.

YouTube videos, TikTok videos, and Instagram videos can all be downloaded.
You may decide to concentrate on Instagram for the time being, or you may expand and incorporate YouTube and TikTok as well. This elegant and straightforward service works well for both storing Instagram stories and organising them.
Since the core function of the app is free and will stay free in the future, you can start using them for free.
However, if you wish to access their other services, you will have to pay for a membership.
Depending on what PC you’re using, you might work with a supplier that can convert your Instagram stories into multiple formats.

8. AhaSave

You may download and preserve any Instagram content using AhaSave, an excellent Instagram story saver app for Android handsets.

You are able to save videos from your own Instagram profile, from an Instagram Story, or from an Instagram TV.
With this tool, you may copy the URL of the post or article you just read and paste it on other social media platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter.
Additionally, you can post excellent and high-resolution pictures and videos straight to Instagram.

9. Quick Save

Quick Save is one of the finest Instagram story saver apps for Android; it lets you store videos, images, and stories.

Instagram stories may also be instantly copied and pasted from your phone.
The biggest feature of this software is that it will allow you to increase your social network following by saving all of your followers, whether they are new or old, on an hourly basis.
Using tags, you can rapidly look through articles and choose the most popular ones based on what makes them stand out.
It’s the fastest way to store Instagram photos.
With the Quick Save app, you can quickly share your edited photographs or videos to Instagram and alter them with a variety of colour filters and editing tools.

10. TailWind

With TailWind, you’ll think you’ve hired a marketing team. It’s among the greatest Android apps for saving stories on Instagram.

With the help of this tool, creating and scheduling posts is simple.
It also facilitates communication with the appropriate individuals.
Because this programme guarantees that your post gets viewed by a new audience every day, it has the potential to yield a substantial return on investment.
TailWind gives you useful information so you can concentrate on hashtags, individuals, and places.
It’s among the greatest Android apps for saving stories on Instagram to help you plan posts and gain more followers.

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