Best 15 Free Instagram Stalking Apps

Saying that everything is online these days—especially on Instagram—would not be a stretch. Every moment, including the details of gaining a new job, party posts, graduation ceremonies, and vacation tales, is shared with our followers and even complete strangers. What happens if someone begins to follow you on Instagram or stalk you? If so, don’t panic; you can stalk the stalkers on Instagram using our list of the best free stalking apps.

Best Free Instagram Stalking Apps

It is always preferable to be aware of your audience and their activity on your page, whether you are an influencer, small business, or just enjoy posting content online. You can accomplish this with the aid of a plethora of Instagram stalker applications and websites. Continue reading to learn about the top free Instagram stalking applications that will help you get a clear understanding of your audience’s thoughts in addition to enabling you to monitor any questionable activity.

Note: Some of the programmes on this list might not be accessible through the App Store or Google Play Store, in which case they must be downloaded from unaffiliated sources. Such websites are not recommended by us since they could infect your device with viruses or other undesired software. It is urged that users exercise prudence!

1. Stalker+ for Instagram

Without requiring your password, the Instagram app Stalker+ provides you with comprehensive details about your profile. Every hour, this app will update the growth and statistics of its followers. Additionally, it facilitates the identification of blockers, ghost followers, unfollowers, and profile interactions. The greatest thing about this software is that it prioritises privacy above all else. To give all the information required, it makes advantage of publicly available data. Among its notable characteristics are:

It generates useful charts of newly followed accounts and their growth patterns to assist you in determining the kind of audience that is drawn to your content.
It lets you know who has looked at your profile.

2. DataJam

An software called DataJam is mostly concerned with likes and comments. You can view the Instagram activity of another user by using this app. You can see, for instance, who your sister has lately followed, what images she has liked and commented on, whether she has visited someone’s account, and a lot more information. Here are a few more DataJam features:

You can view statistics on the most popular posts, most liked accounts, and most frequent likers of other users’ content.
Even comments that have been removed are accessible.
You can watch deleted stories on this app without anyone knowing.
Additionally, you may monitor who views, follows, and blocks your profile.

3. FollowMeter for Instagram

Another free Instagram stalking programme is called FollowMeter, and it lets you keep tabs on engagement metrics, blockers, and non-followers. This programme allows you to obtain all of a user’s activity details without their knowledge. So, this programme is for you if you want to covertly locate your stalker. Here are a few other FollowMeter features:

Even if someone isn’t following you, you can still see who is most interested in your profile articles.
Your top likers are visible to you.
You can also find out who your ghost followers are with ease.

4. InstaFollow

Using the Instagram analysis tool InstaFollow, you can learn more about your followers, including who they follow, what posts they enjoy, and how frequently they visit your profile. Among the safest apps for Instagram analysis is this one. The following data can be obtained with the app without restriction:

Secretly, you are able to view the stories of your followers.
Analyses of your following and followers are available for viewing.
Gaining knowledge about growth patterns will let you keep an eye on their entire Instagram presence.

5. Followers- Tracker Insight

Instagram Followers Insight is a tracking tool for Instagram followers in addition to being a stalker app. This multipurpose tool tells you who is frequently sharing your content, who is browsing your profile, and who is unfollowing you. These are some of the app’s other features:

You may learn more about your Instagram followers, such as what kinds of material they enjoy.
It shows your Instagram account’s popularity rank.
It displays the hashtag data you’ve uploaded and enables you to evaluate your performances in relation to certain hashtags.
Who frequently likes your posts and comments is visible to you.

6. InStalker – Who Viewed Profile

The widely used InStalker – Who Viewed My Profile software is simple to use. It lets you locate people who have followed you but haven’t followed you back. Furthermore, you receive real-time notifications from this app on your stalker’s actions. The following is a list of some of this app’s features:

The second someone stops following you, you know about it.
You may also monitor the rise and fall in your followers.
It’s simple to identify and unfollow your inactive followers.

7. Analyzer Plus – Insta Followers

Analyzer Plus – Instagram Followers is a dependable, effective, and professional app that allows you to thoroughly examine the performance of your account. By using this app’s insights on emerging trends, you can use it to help your account grow. You may also discover who is looking at your profile more frequently and sharing your stories and posts. Take a look at the features this software offers:

While you are following someone, you may see who unfollowed you.
This software shows you who has followed you and who hasn’t.
It displays a bar representing the interest level of active followers who are no longer interacting with you.
The top followers who liked and commented on your posts the most are listed.
You may even see which of your stories have been viewed the most and the least.

8. Story Viewer for Insta

The goal of Story Viewer for Instagram is to secretly view your followers’ tales. Without even logging in, all you need to do is enter your login, search, and see any story or feed. Take a look at the features that Story Viewer for Instagram offers:

It’s possible to browse Instagram profiles covertly.
Without your username appearing in the viewer list, you are still able to watch other users’ tales.
Dark Mode is also supported.
Posts can be seen with an 800% magnification.

9. Follower Analyzer for Instagram

Instagram’s follower analyzer offers a variety of metrics and insights about its followers. You can use it to better understand your engagement analytics and follower count. It’s simple to see who has blocked you, repeatedly viewed your profile, and even stalked you. It also provides you with information on people you are not following and mutual followers. You can quickly switch between different Instagram accounts if you have numerous account logins. The Instagram follower analyzer has the following additional features:

You can view stories in private thanks to it.
It records all of the correspondence between you and your followers.
Even the person who deleted their likes can be seen.
Additionally, you can remove sent follow requests.
It’s simple to see which postings received the most interaction.

10. Profile+Followers & Profiles Tracker

Another fantastic social media analytics programme with loads of features is called Profile Plus. It is one of the greatest free Instagram stalking programmes that offers a thorough examination of your account’s information. You can easily find out who unfollowed you, manage your follower requests, and much more. Some of its best features are:

You can easily check who has recently viewed​ your ​profile.
It allows you to mass unfollow the people who don’t follow you back.
You can access saved posts​ and save them to your phone.
This app saves your search history and allows you to access their ​stories​ at any time.

11. InReports Analyzer for Instagram

InReports Analyzer is a third-party app that offers multiple features to analyze your Instagram account. You can get insights about your performance, followers stats, and content analytics. With this app, you can study your post’s insights deeply and identify your audience’s demands. Additionally, you get to know who is unfollowing you, who is visiting your profile, and who blocked you. Some of its best features are:

You can analyze your followers, and check if they are active or ghosts.
You can find people whom you don’t follow back.
You can view and download other’s HD profile pictures.
You can even download posts and stories.
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12. Find My Stalker Analyzer for Instagram

Find My Stalker Analyzer for Instagram is another great app to find out who is keeping track of your activities on Instagram. In this app, you can configure the settings to receive the relevant notifications in real time. So, if someone visits your profile, unfollows, or blocks you, you’ll be notified in no time. These are some of the app’s other features:

You can easily find out who stalked your account.
You can see who visits your profile again and again.
Also, you can find and remove the ghost followers as they might be fake IDs.
You can keep track of engagement on your posts and reels.

13. Visitors Pro App

The Visitors Pro app for Instagram is an app that focuses more on who is stalking you and views your profile and posts repeatedly. This app also analyzes your followers’ activities including knowing how many times they liked and commented on your posts. Some of its features are listed below:

You can find out who likes and comments on your Instagram profile most actively.
You can view profiles and liked photos of your active followers.
It provides detailed account analytics.
It has a very simple and user-friendly interface.

14. InstaGrab

InstaGrab is a Private IG viewer that allows you to access and explore Instagram accounts effortlessly. You will be able to get insights from many private accounts of your competitors. Some of its best features are:

You can get access to private Instagram profiles, stories, posts, and more.
It offers a secure, user-friendly, and seamless browsing experience.
The advanced algorithm ensures that you view any private Instagram profiles.
You even have the advantage of downloading videos and photos from private Instagram accounts.

15. iMetrics: Profile Followers Analytics for Instagram

iMetrics: Profile Followers Analytics for Instagram is a very popular app to analyze your Instagram account. It provides you with a detailed, user-friendly interface for viewing and analyzing your followers’ activity.

You can learn how to make your profile more efficient for Instagram’s Algorithm.
It teaches you how to increase engagement with your followers on Instagram.
This wraps our article on the free Instagram stalking apps that will allow you to identify and block stalkers. My advice to the reader is to use these apps responsibly otherwise you’ll end up becoming a stalker instead. The best three apps from these fifteen are FollowMeter, Analyzer Plus, and InReports Analyzer. Feel free to suggest and ask questions in the comment section.

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