Best 12 Rhythm Games on Android in 2024

Once we’ve become addicted to some of the most lucrative titles Android offers, we have a strong desire to amass a varied collection of high-quality games. Furthermore, no library should be complete without some addicting, serotonin-producing, fast-paced tap-and-play rhythm games if you’ve managed to obtain a  top-tier Android gaming phone.

We’ve put together a list of some of the greatest rhythm games for Android that offer well-polished gameplay for all the finger-tapping workouts you can manage expertly, so you can keep your collection of exclusive titles growing.

1 Deemo

In addition to delivering an amazing rhythm game, Deemo also introduces a charming modern-day fairy tale with a compelling plot that revolves around Deemo and Alice. You’ll follow Alice, a young child who comes out of nowhere in the sky and is lost on her way home, as she seeks assistance from Deemo, a shadowy, enigmatic creature.

Playing through the story mode in the offline rhythm game Deemo will unlock more songs that are thematically composed of exquisite piano interpretations. Piano fans won’t want to miss this endearing favourite because of the focus on piano-themed songs.

2 Arcaea

With captivating gameplay and breathtaking visuals, Arcaea is unlike other rhythm games. Features like hitting sky notes and arcs throughout gaming are unique to Arcaea. There is something in the cards for everyone because you can choose to play online multiplayer or offline.

The tale is excellent for a rhythm game (others don’t place as much emphasis on world-building and narration), but you’ll need to pay a few bucks for additional packs if you want to receive the most recent version of the story. Fortunately, the majority of the content may be found in the free pack that is offered. Arcaea is a well-made and visually appealing rhythm game that is definitely worth playing.

3 Lanota

Before you dive right in, keep in mind that Lanota is only available as a trial version on this app, so if you want to play the game for free, this might not be the best option for you. Still, the value of Lanota as a game is not compromised by its cost. Lanota is best defined as a picture storybook that uses rhythm gaming to create a story. You have to repaint the picture to restore the missing colours as the environment becomes monochromatic due to the exhaustion of colours and tunes.

Lanota puts a unique twist on rhythm games by eliminating the need for you to wait for the notes to appear on screen. Instead, all you can do is use a circular compass, in which every note can fall anywhere inside the circle and spin in any direction. Lanota’s tale is very artistic, but if you want the full experience, you’ll have to shell out more money.

4 A dance of fire and ice

You might be looking for a more straightforward rhythm game without all the visual flair getting in the way, however a lot of rhythm games have an animated aesthetic. That’s precisely what it is—a dance of ice and fire.

In this game, you control two orbiting planets to navigate a course in perfect balance, but instead of using visual clues to get the rhythm down, you must learn to read the audio signals. Despite having easy controls, rhythm enthusiasts will find the game challenging.

5 Beatstar

Beatstar has you covered whether you’re in the mood to jam to classics and contemporary music. Beatstar’s design is strikingly similar to Guitar Hero/Rockband, but instead of holding an instrument in your hands, you’ll be tapping the screen of your tablet. Playing requires an internet connection, but as the app is always available, you can use it to brag about your ranking in the leaderboards and challenge your friends’ scores.

If everyone has a phone ready to go, Beatstar is the ideal rhythm game to play as an opener during social gatherings and bring back the fun times of playing party games in the living room! Who can score the highest first? Let’s find out!

6 Cytus II

The developers of the popular Android rhythm games Deemo, Voez, and the original Cytus are also the ones behind Cytus II, which is essentially the continuation of the Cytus series. Another visually stimulating tale rhythm game that ups the ante in both gameplay and narration is Cytus II.

You can play through more than 300 hundred charts with over 100 songs that offer a variety of difficulty. Thus, give Cytus II a shot if you’re an enormous lover of the style and don’t mind an abstract plot; it’s also available for free on Google Play Pass.

7 Muse Dash

Perhaps you like music in rhythm games, but you don’t really connect with tapping on displays with visual artwork or navigating through an abstract tale. What about playing a parkour/side-scrolling beat ’em up game while blasting out some intense Japanese music? If so, Muse Dash is what we advise. It’s enchanting, vibrant, and paces so well that you won’t be able to take your hands off the screen.

8 Crypt of the NecroDancer

Ever pondered what a rhythm game may look like if it included roguelike elements? You may now put an end to your curiosity about how that mixture tasted because Crypt of the NecroDancer is here to provide that taste-testing experience. If you ever want to see the light of day in the last stages of Crypt of the NecroDancer, the music will test you to the breaking point.

If the amazing soundtrack by Danny Baranowsky isn’t enough for you, you may also choose songs from your own playlist. Do you possess the necessary skills to defeat your opponents by moving in time with the beat?

9 Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage

The Hatsune Miku games have been so popular that they have been released on other platforms, including the Playstation, PC, and Nintendo. Rhythm lovers have enjoyed the vibrant graphics, addictive Vocaloid music, and challenge of unlocking new songs throughout the years. It is evident that Colourful Stage is a Hatsune Miku game.

You may customise your characters, band, and music videos, and you’ll be able to earn songs through quests and song tickets. Are you feeling brave? Four of your friends are welcome to join in on the fun. Utilising the app, Colourful Stage also enables you to participate in virtual concerts with fans all around the world. This is a game that everybody who appreciates Hatsune Miku games should try.

10 OverRapid

Perhaps you’re not interested in playing flashy animations and rhythm games with a strong plot throughout your gaming sessions. If simplicity is more your style, OverRapid revives the arcade-style gameplay where you control two lanes to get the highest score possible.

OverRapid’s simplicity is its primary drawback; the majority of the gameplay is timing your taps with the on-screen prompts, much like in Guitar Hero 1. In a rhythm game, the tap choice doesn’t always correspond with the song and the user interface isn’t the most friendly. Consequently, depending on your tastes, you will either adore or despise the app.

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