GTA 5 Cheats to Use on Xbox One, Series X|S & PC

On PCs and Xbox platforms, users can utilize a few GTA 5 cheats. This is a comprehensive list of all the cheats you may use to customize your gameplay in the well-liked Rockstar game.

Ten years after its release, Grand Theft Auto 5 still attracts new players on a regular basis. Attracted by the game’s captivating plot, endearing cast of characters, and expansive, dynamic universe created by Rockstar, they travel to explore Los Santos.

However, GTA 5 veterans might occasionally want to change things up, and using cheats on Xbox and PC is a terrific method to achieve this.

In light of this, the following lists all of the GTA 5 cheats for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Advice for use GTA 5 cheats
Hacks for GTA on Xbox Standard Xbox GTA cheats
Xbox spawn vehicles cheats
Xbox GTA 5 mobile phone hacks
PC GTA 5 cheats
Standard PC cheats for GTA 5
Cheats for spawning vehicles in Grand Theft Auto: Thief
In GTA 5, cheats can add extra excitement to the game!

Tips when using GTA 5 cheats

It’s crucial to remember that in GTA 5, employing cheats prevents Achievements from working, thus it’s advisable to save the game first. Maybe make a different file where you can indulge in your cheating. Although using cheats to finish missions in the game’s single-player campaign can be a lot of fun, we always advise playing it through through legally first.

In addition to utilizing the Xbox controller, cheats can also be entered using your character’s phone. We anticipate that the Xbox Series X edition will include the same codes as well, but we’ll double check or get more information when the game releases in March.

A notice indicating successful entry of a cheat code will appear at the bottom of the screen. Here are all of the Xbox One GTA 5 cheats:

Standard GTA 5 cheats

The most well-liked and practical GTA 5 cheats are listed below:

Spawn vehicles cheats

Use the following cheats to spawn certain cars and other vehicles:

GTA 5 cell phone cheats

The in-game phone must be used in order to access the following cheats.

GTA 5 cheats on PC

To access the GTA 5 cheats on PC, launch the game’s console by pressing the tilde key (\). This is the area on PC where GTA cheats are entered, which makes it function somewhat differently than on consoles.

GTA 5 PC standard cheats

GTA 5 cheats on PC are essentially a list of console commands. Here’s a list of all GTA 5 PC cheats:

Spawning vehicle cheats in GTA 5

These GTA 5 cheats PC cheats spawn a variety of vehicles by using the following console commands:

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