The best Xbox Zombie Games 2024

Our selection of the top Xbox zombie games is full of amazing zombie-slaying experiences, ranging from challenging encounters with swarms of the undead to partying in the Funpocalypse versus energy drink-obsessed mutants. Look no further if you and your buddies want to take on one of the most recognizable monsters in entertainment.

We suggest getting one of the greatest Xbox controllers before we get into the list because some of these games might keep you occupied for hours. For those who enjoy survival-horror games, using one of our headsets from our list of the best Xbox accessories will make for an incredibly immersive experience. These are the top Xbox zombie games available right now.

The top zombie games on Xbox are as follows:

1. Dead Island 2


Dead Island 2, a gory good time that comes out 12 years after its predecessor, is a fun hack-and-slash zombie game for those who prefer to kill people to survive. As one of the many Dead Island 2 characters. you’ll gather a selection of the best weapons in this somewhat comical portrayal of Los Angeles.

You’ll get new abilities as you go through the game that will enable you to defeat inexhaustible waves of zombies. You can also anticipate a plethora of methods to destroy your zombie opponents due to the vast array of weapons and weapon upgrades that are at your disposal. If you want to finish the story, it will take you more than 15 hours of pandemonium, but if you want to go 100%, it will take you about 40 hours—and that’s before you start over with new slayers.

Dead Island 2 is “a hell of a lot of fun and well worth the wait,” according to our review. Dead Island 2 is the game to play if you’ve been waiting for something that will make you the best zombie killer ever.

2. Back 4 Blood

Even if Back 4 Blood falls short of expectations for a modern take on Valve’s well-liked Left 4 Dead series, it’s still a lot of fun. It was even dubbed “one of the best co-op games we’ve had in years” in our review of Back 4 Blood.

Back 4 Blood is best played with up to three buddies as you go through several stages of horde-slaying goodness, though you can play it alone with AI partners. Sadly, split-screen cooperative gaming is not available for those who would prefer to play with friends on a single screen. However, if you prefer to face the Ridden alone, you can play solo with AI partners.

The greatest thing about Back 4 Blood is not just how it uniquely modifies the Left 4 Dead formula, but also how customizable it is. The  best Back 4 Blood cards can be used to build decks that are customized to your playing style. Back 4 Blood is a worthwhile investment if you’re trying to fill the Left 4 Dead 3-shaped hole in your heart.

Product IllustrationView of Back 4 Blood – Xbox Series X$7.99$7.06
Prices updated at 11:47 GMT on February 16, 2024.

3. 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die is an open-world zombie game that is among the best survival games available right now. The objective is to dodge the undead by foraging and exploring a world despite all obstacles.

Although you can try to defeat the zombies on your own, playing 7 Days to Die online with up to three players or in split-screen cooperative mode with one friend is the most enjoyable experience. It could be worthwhile to bring a fellow survivor along, given how rapidly things might turn bad while traveling far from your home base.

Even though it was first published in 2016, 7 Days to Die is still a well-liked option for survival aficionados since it allows you to experience the excitement of near-death experiences even when the chances are stacked against you.

4. World War Z

We hope that the zombies from World War Z won’t be resurrecting if a zombie apocalypse ever happens. In World War Z, a third-person shooter built on the popular Left 4 Dead formula, you and up to three other players will battle hordes of zombies in an effort to reach the conclusion of each level.

Fortunately, the new update Aftermath offers new content and an FPS mode, making the anxiety of facing World War Z’s horrifying hordes even more terrifying for those who like the intensity and immersion that comes with the first-person perspective.

As you advance through the eight classes in World War Z, each of which has unique advantages and gameplay styles, there is also a great deal of replayability. This implies that you and your pals can assemble the ideal anti-zombie squad and form the ideal team.

World War Z $29.99 in the Microsoft Store
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5. Death Road to Canada

Death Road to Canada is a bizarre, to put it mildly, road trip in which you take control of a car full of idiots and explore several places in an undead world. It’s a unique spin on the popular zombie genre.

Thanks to co-op, this randomly generated game will bring you different characters to hire, challenges you to take on, and plenty of arguments with your similarly idiotic pals when you find yourself in new places.

Death Road to Canada might be your ideal zombie game if you’re searching for something new from the typical first-person shooter genre that many zombie games fit into. And the replayability is undoubtedly increased by that randomness.

Road of Death to Canada
Road of Death to Canada
The Microsoft Store
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6. State of Decay 2

One of the greatest open-world games available right now is State of Decay 2, which will put you in many life-or-death scenarios while you search for survivors, make tough decisions, and try to survive in a harsh environment.

The adversaries you encounter in State of Decay 2 are largely predictable, therefore nothing significant happens to them. However, the fact that you have so many options is what really sets State of Decay apart. You get to decide how to set up your base, which survivors to sacrifice on expeditions, which survivors to add to your faction, and much more.

You can see that we are huge fans of State of Decay 2 because of how much freedom you get when playing the game. And because there is still a long way to go before State of Decay 3 is released, now is the ideal moment to play the Xbox exclusive.

Product Picture: Condition of Decay 2$44.95$29.99
Prices updated at 13:42 GMT on December 8, 2023.

7. Resident Evil 2 Remake

For fans of horror, Resident Evil 2 is an absolute must-play, regardless of whether you’ve been playing the best horror games for years, which comprise the majority of the top horror games list, or you’re new to the genre because of the more recent releases. However, the remake offers a true third-person action game, even though the previous game’s antiquated tank-style controls can turn off modern players.

As Leon, a novice police officer in Racoon City set to begin their first shift, you begin Resident Evil 2 remake before things swiftly go south. You will endeavor to solve the many riddles, some hazardous undead, and limited resources to find out what happened in Racoon City.

The thrilling 15 hours of the Resident Evil 2 remake’s plot will keep you scared, but the enjoyment doesn’t stop there. Like many other fans of Resident Evil, you can try to finish the game as quickly as you can; on subsequent playthroughs, some players have seen the end in as little as 50 minutes.

Product IllustrationView Resident Evil 2 on Xbox One$59.99$29.99
Prices updated at 11:47 GMT on February 16, 2024.

The best zombie games on Xbox: Resident Evil 4 remake’s Leon dodging the Chainsaw Man

8. Resident Evil 4 remake

The Resident Evil 4 remake offers a completely redesigned experience for contemporary systems, combining the ideal amount of genuine survival terror with the cherished campiness the game is known for.

You take on the role of Leon from the second game in the series, who is currently an agent working for the US government, once more. It is your task to locate and rescue Ashley, the president’s daughter, who has been kidnapped in a small Spanish village. Naturally, things are more difficult than they appear in a Resident Evil game. Given how difficult it could get, it might be worthwhile to use our Resident Evil 4 walkthrough to aid in fending off the insane villagers you encounter.

Whether you’ve played the original Resident Evil 4 game or not, the remake is the best way to play because it retains the charm of the original while offering amazing visuals and quality-of-life improvements. It’s also a “perfectly paced and truly gripping ride that will keep you glued to your seat at all times,” as our review of the Resident Evil 4 remake makes clear.

Product IllustrationView of Resident Evil 4 – Xbox Series X$39.88$59.99
Prices updated at 11:47 GMT on February 16, 2024.

9. Telltale’s The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead doesn’t require you to be familiar with the characters from the well-known program or comic books, even if it has the same name as the popular series that some people consider to be among the best TV shows. Telltale’s entry, on the other hand, concentrates on unique characters that don’t require prior knowledge.

The Walking Dead, in contrast to other titles on our list, regularly puts you on the spot as you make tough decisions in the heat of the moment, leading to unanticipated consequences that unfold over episodes. Instead of fighting waves of zombies, you’ll be forming an emotional bond with characters that you either love or despise.

With all four seasons and two more spin-offs, The Walking Dead definitive edition offers over 50 hours of heartbreaking, tearjerking storytelling.

10. Zombie Army 4: Dead War

What if, during World War II, you succeeded in driving Hitler into the depths of Hell and then faced the challenge of the undead emerging from the graves? That’s basically Zombie Army 4: Dead War, a silly and enjoyable game for you and up to three friends.

Take on Hitler’s undead army in Zombie Army 4, a third-person shooter game that takes at least 12 hours to complete on each playthrough. It is based on the Sniper Elite series. This is an incredibly thrilling moment with thrilling weapons to wield, incredible gunplay (including the iconic Sniper Elite bullet slowing), and some extremely dangerous adversaries.

For those who enjoy having the complete experience, Zombie Army 4 has an abundance of customisation options, enabling you to construct the ideal zombie killer with the various perks and upgrades at your disposal.

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