My Favorite iPhone 10 Games That Pay Real Money

If you enjoy playing mobile games, you may be curious about how to make your next gaming session profitable.

Usually, this is not too difficult. This is due to the abundance of applications available that allow you to get paid to play games and earn cash and gift cards.

Nevertheless, there are certain difficulties for iPhone users because the majority of the top apps in this category are designed for Android smartphones. In order to enable you to turn your next gaming session into some extra cash, I made the decision to test out some of the greatest iOS games that pay real money.

The Greatest Real Money iPhone Games
Here are some of the best iPhone games you can play to earn real money, compiled from years of testing out dozens of free and paid gaming apps:

The Greatest Real Money iPhone Games

1. Swagbucks Trivia For Money

One of the most well-known gpt websites is Swagbucks, where you may earn money by viewing advertisements, playing games, completing surveys, and making online purchases. And ever since I was a college student, I have used the platform to generate some extra quick money.

Nevertheless, it also provides Swagbucks Trivia For Money, one of  best trivia apps for money.

Swagbucks Money-Making Trivia
In order to get free Swagbucks, you can play live trivia games against actual people in this game. If you survive all 12 rounds and join the prize pool of points with the other players who made it, you will each receive a portion of the money.

Similar to other trivia applications, the questions typically include well-liked subjects including sports, entertainment, history, and odd facts. Although I’m not the best at trivia, I think this is one of the more enjoyable methods to play games and possibly win some money.

Additionally, you can exchange your Swagbucks for a number of rewards, such as free gift cards and PayPal cash.

Get started with Swagbucks!

2. Cookie Cash

A brand-new puzzle game with cash prizes that is competitive? If you think this sounds entertaining, you should download Cookie Cash, another iOS game app that allows you to play for real money.

Cookie Cash offers players the opportunity to participate in match-3 puzzle games for cash prize pools, just like the other competitive applications on this list. There’s also the chance to earn some great side income because games can pay anything from a few bucks to thirty, forty, or even more.

Cookie Cash mobile application
To compete in games, you must pay a small entry fee, but to ensure fairness, you are paired with players of similar skill levels. Additionally, you may always practise by playing free games before making a money deposit to participate.

All things considered, if you enjoy puzzles, Cookie Cash is a fun phone side gig you may try out. And when you win and want to take a payout, it pays you straight into PayPal or your bank account.

3. Kashkick

Although it lacks a mobile app, Kashkickis an excellent alternative for earning money while playing games and performing other things.

By answering sponsored offers and offering your opinions, you can earn money on Kashkick, a paid survey and gaming website. After you reach $10, you can cash out with free PayPal cash.

You can download and play a huge selection of games on the platform in order to gain rewards. Among the most well-liked titles are:

Dreams of Dice
Board Kings Wordscapes Solitaire
Blitz Bingo
Cooking Frenzy
Sarah’s Journey
Go Scrabble
I also enjoy how Kashkick is constantly providing new opportunities to earn. Furthermore, a mobile app is reportedly in the works, according to my insider sources.

Try out Kashkick today or read my Kashkick review for more info!

4. Bingo Cash

Another well-liked iPhone game that pays real money is called Bingo Cash, which you may try if you like the traditional game of bingo.

Players from all over the world can compete in bingo tournaments for cash prizes with this competitive bingo app from Papaya Gaming.

The Bingo Cash app
You may win a quick $50 simply for playing Bingo on your phone, as prize pools frequently exceed $25 to $50 or even more.

This isn’t the best app if you don’t like competitive games because you have to buy-in and registration costs can be a few bucks. However, if you win, Bingo Cash enables you to instantly transfer your winnings to your bank account or PayPal Cash.

Please take note that the following states do not offer cash games: AZ, IN, IA, LA, ME, SC, MT, and WA.

Try out Bingo Cash!

5. Solitaire Cube

Solitaire Cube. is another well-liked iPhone game that you can play to win real money, similar to Bingo Clash.

You can compete with other players in competitive patience tournaments with this free iOS game app. When you purchase a ticket for a tournament, the best scorers split the pot of money.

Prize pools for patience cubes often vary from $10 to $70. If you’re really good, you can also participate in $100+ tournaments, thus this app can be a good way to quickly make $200 or even more if you win a few.

Once more, in order to participate in this iPhone money game, you must deposit money. The following states don’t offer cash games: AR, CT, DE, IN, LA, ME, and SD.

Nevertheless, thousands of people play Solitaire Cube every day, making it one of the most well-liked games in the category that pays real money quickly.

Try out Solitaire Cube!

6. Bubble Cash

Everyone has fond memories of the vintage arcade bubble games they played as young children. However, did you know that you can now use Bubble Cash to earn money while playing a competitive version of this game?

In this arcade-style game, your goal is to shoot bubbles at other bubbles of the same colour in order to pop them. Additionally, you can compete against other players in paid tournaments to try and win cash rewards, just like in many of the games on our list.

Bubble Cash mobile application
When you win a game, you typically take home a little cash. Furthermore, entrance fees are usually not too expensive.

I still like to use apps like Swagbucksto play iOS games for money because I don’t have to pay to play. However, Bubble Cash is undoubtedly one of the more well-known games in this category, and certain tournaments provide respectable payouts.

Try out Bubble Cash!
Please take note that certain states (AZ, IN, IA, LA, ME, SC, MT, and WA) do not allow cash games.

7. Pool Payday

One of the greatest cash games available on the iPhone is Pool Payday, especially if you’re a bit of a pool shark.

You can play pool against other people in this competitive game to win money. With far to how its tournament structure functions, it is comparable to apps such as Solitaire Smash and Bingo Smash.

Payday for the Pool
To compete in cash events, you must pay a nominal entry fee. But depending on the size of the prize pool, you may take home as much as $55, $20, or even more, if you win.

It’s not just free gift cards; Pool Payday also pays out via PayPal Cash or Apple Pay, so it’s actual money. Please be aware that the following states do not provide iPhone cash games: AR, CT, DE, IN, LA, ME, and SD.

Try out Pool Payday!

8. Buff Gaming

Do you want to generate passive income? If the response is in the affirmative, you ought to look into Buff Gaming.

Playing well-known PC games like Call of Duty, League of Legends, Valorant, and Minecraft allows you to win rewards with Buff. Nevertheless, its recently added mobile gaming section allows you to play iPhone games for real money:

a fondness for mobile gaming
There are still not many iOS games that you may play for real money. On the other hand, popular games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Brawl Stars are available right now.

With Buff, you can exchange the points you get from gaming for free gift cards, in-game skins, and even gaming gear like headphones and keyboards. Buff won’t make you wealthy. That being said, it’s among the greatest paying Apple games available for gamers looking to make money on the side.

Try out Buff today!

9. Blitz Win Cash

I’ve been experimenting with Blitz Win Cash., a more recent app. And here’s the app for you if you want a range of games.

You can compete with other users in this cash game app to earn actual money. To find out who wins, you compete in tournaments of pool, patience, match three, bingo, and many other games.

Payouts for Blitz Win Cash app tournaments range from $5 to $55 or higher. I like that Blitz Win Cash also pays to your bank account, PayPal, and Venmo.

Be aware that if you wish to compete for cash, you must pay minimal entry fees. Additionally be aware that some states—including AR, MT, LA, and TN—do not allow cash games.

Start making money with Blitz Win Cash!

10. Match To Win

With the help of match puzzles, you may earn free money with the real money software Match To Win for iPhone and Android smartphones.

To get points, all you have to do is download the app and solve different riddles. The difficulty of the stages increases, and if you succeed in beating them all, you’ll receive free PayPal money.

give Match To Win a try
Additionally, you can win extra money by finishing scratch off tickets and using the Match To Win reward wheel to win prizes. My primary complaint is that this app has occasional playing adverts, which can make it take a while to cash out.

However, if you want to solve puzzles, you can easily get real money by using Match To Win.

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