The 8 Most Popular Google Doodle Games

For a considerable amount of time, Google Doodle has been an essential component of the search engine experience. We’re talking about the eye-catching looks and animations you see when you visit The “Google” logo is changed out. You may also play some Google Doodles, did you know that? To pass the time while at work, you can choose from a variety of well-known Google Doogle games.

These are frequently taken off after a day, however Google keeps these old drawings on file on a different page. In your spare time, you can quickly check out and play any of the earlier games. These games usually run between two and twenty minutes, but if you keep playing, some of them can take up to an hour. Are you prepared for some enjoyment?Baseball-themed Google Doodle

On July 4, 2019, Google launched the Baseball doodle game in observance of US Independence Day. Snacks like cheese, nachos, and hotdogs are like adorable tiny characters that are about to take over and perform brilliantly.

To swing the bat and get some runs, use the spacebar or use the mouse. The pitcher attempts to get you out with three strikes by throwing balls at varying speeds and swings. Once you miss three times, the game is over. We scored three runs in our first attempt and a much better eighteen runs in our second.

2. Google Doodle Holloween

In the entertaining Google Doodle game Holloween, you take control of a magical black cat battling evil spirits. To destroy the white ghosts, you must draw the same symbols anywhere on the screen using your mouse in order to reveal the symbols that are hovering above each of their heads.

The real challenge begins when numerous ghosts with multiple symbols on their heads approach you from both directions, despite the fact that the first few rounds may feel very easy. Take them out quickly. You start with five lives, but by painting hearts on the screen, you can get more.

3. Google Doodle Jerry Lawson

This is a fun and informative game. The compilation of five games honours the 82nd birthday of the late Gerald “Jerry” Lawson, developer. Lawson oversaw the development of the first video game system including swappable game cartridges.

Jerry Lawson’s brief biography is shown to you by the Google Doodle as soon as you launch the game. There are five games available to you when you first arrive at the webpage. You can begin to play them or modify them to suit your tastes.

4. Google Doodle Cricket

Although cricket isn’t a popular sport in the US, it is in the UK, Australia, and many South Asian nations. This doodle was made by Google in 2017 to commemorate the ICC Champions Trophy.

If you’ve ever played baseball, this one will seem quite familiar to you. In order to score runs and boundaries, you must swing the bat. However, there are no strikes in this situation. Once you miss a ball and it strikes the stumps, the game is finished. On our second try, we did manage to score a century. For cricket enthusiasts around the world, this well-known Google Doogle game is fantastic, despite the lack of diversity in dismissals.

5. Google Doodle Olympics

One of the biggest Google Doodle games ever created by the corporation is this one. Lucky the Ninja Cat, the main character, travels to an island that is holding a festival of multisport events. Challenges like table tennis, rugby, archery, artistic swimming, marathons, and skateboarding are available for you to take part in. Gamers have the option to form partnerships with a variety of teams that resemble animal mascots.

This gorgeous game was created by Google in partnership with Studio 4°C, a Japanese animation studio, for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

6. Google Doodle Valentine’s Day

This game was made by Google to spread awareness of the impending extinction of pangolins. As a result of increased poaching for fashion, medicine, and meat, pangolins are now among the most threatened creatures on Earth. The romantic game was released by Google on Valentine’s Day of 2017.

As a pangolin in the game, you roll about to avoid rough terrain. To gather as many objects as you can and cross the finish line before the timer goes off is the aim.

7. Google Doodle Pizza

The Google Doodle game is centred around everyone’s favourite food, pizza, as the name would imply. It tests your ability to cut the pizza into the desired pieces and toppings. Accurate cutting is necessary since it receives more stars. Pizzas with pepperoni and margherita toppings make for fairly easy beginning stages. However, the difficulty levels increase to keep the balance after you get pizza meals like calabrese, Hawaiian, Teriyaki Mayonnaise, and others with several toppings and slices.

8. Pani Puri

Do you like pani puri? This street cuisine from South Asia is a tiny breaded sphere brimming with flavour, and it deserves to be celebrated. Google released the Pani Puri Google Doodle on July 12, 2023, precisely doing this.

It’s a fairly entertaining game. With pani puri in place of candy, it functions similarly to Candy Crush. Additionally, you must pop the number of pani puri that your customers specify when they purchase from your shop.

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